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                        Rice Polisher

                        • Rice Water Polisher

                          Rice Water Polisher

                          This rice water polisher is based on our over 40 years' experience, which polishes the rice surface by spraying water, which facilities the formation of smooth gelatinous layer that prolongs the presevation time. Extended polishing chamber to produce hight quality rice.
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                        • Water Rice Polisher

                          Water Rice Polisher

                          This vertical double roller water rice polisher is newly developed equipment for polishing and whitening to meet the needs of refined rice processing technology. It is put after the rice milling machine to make the rice shiny and no dust.
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                        • Rice Water Polishing Machine

                          Rice Water Polishing Machine

                          This double roller rice water polishing machine is the new product which uses the latest and top rice polishing technology, and combined our many experience of develop and implore in the whitener and polisher, make the rice more shining and cleaning, and extend the store time.
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                        • Rice Polisher Machine

                          Rice Polisher Machine

                          This double roller water rice polisher machine is trice polisher is used for cleaning surface of rice, make rice more brilliant and silky. The machine has the advantages of large output, strong adaptability, convenient operation, stable performance and strong durability.
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                        • Rice Polishing Machine

                          Rice Polishing Machine

                          CLJ brand Double Roller Rice polishing machine connected in series with large capacity. By combined the advantages of similar products abroad and the reseach results of the company as well as chinese situation, This rice polisher is a new generation product with elaborating.
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