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                        Rice Grader

                        • Rice Grading Machine

                          Rice Grading Machine

                          MMJX series Multi Rotary rice grading machine adopts cardan joint connecting rack and suspender and non-eccentricity transmission device. Special sieve parameter increases grading area, improve the fineness of products, boasting of advanced technical and mechanical performance.
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                        • Rice Grader Machine

                          Rice Grader Machine

                          CLJ Brand MMJX series rotary rice grader machine can shift milled rice efficiently and accurately into several classes: head rice, large broken, medium broken, small broken, and etc. And it also can be used to separate other similar grains.
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                        • Rice Mill Grader

                          Rice Mill Grader

                          This rotory rice mill grader is mainly to sift rice into four different grades by using different screen in rice milling plant. By configuring different sieve plates, the whole rice, general rice, big and small pieces can be separated, so as to achieve the ideal white rice...
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                        • Rice Length Grader Machine

                          Rice Length Grader Machine

                          This rice length grader machine also called Cylinder Length Grading Machine. It separate broken rice from fine ones by their length. When the length of broken ones is more than half of the fine rice, it can't be graded by its thickness and width.
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