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                        Rice Mill Machines

                        • Drum Paddy Cleaner

                          Drum Paddy Cleaner

                          TSCY drum paddy cleaner can be used to process raw materials in the rice mill, flour mill and other industries. Similar to other pre-cleaning devices, it is mainly to eliminate large impurity in the raw material, such as straws, wheat straws, scraps of paper, soil block, corn...
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                        • Paddy Cleaner

                          Paddy Cleaner

                          TQLM series rotary paddy cleaner is used for the big, small and light impurity cleaning in the grain. It can adjust the rotary speed and the weight of the balance weight, make the body have the three type running track.
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                        • Paddy Cleaning Machine

                          Paddy Cleaning Machine

                          This TQLM100/ 125/160/ 200 series rotary paddy cleaning machine are mainly and widely used in all the grain processing factory, feeds processing factory, food processing factory, Wheat flour milling factory and so on.
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                        • Paddy Rice Cleaner

                          Paddy Rice Cleaner

                          This TQLM paddy rice cleaner is suitable for the rice mill plant, flour plant, feed plant and the other plant to remove the impurity mixent from the raw material. By the means of equipping different kinds sieve, the material will be graded according to its size, and then...
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                        • Paddy Pre Cleaner Machine

                          Paddy Pre Cleaner Machine

                          This paddy pre cleaning machine is the second cleaner in the mill which can remove the middle and light impurity. The sieve runs with three tracks at the same time, the right and left swaying near the inlet makes for the material to be divided evenly.
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                        • Paddy Destoner

                          Paddy Destoner

                          This suction type paddy desoner urges the grains to separate from fixed gravels based on different characteristics of specific gravity and suspension speed of grain and gravel, with the help of the action of air flow that passes through the gap of grain flow grains.
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                        • Paddy Destoner Machine

                          Paddy Destoner Machine

                          TQSX series paddy rice destoner is used to remove stones and other heavy impurities from raw grain and rice by the difference in specific gravity and suspension velocity.
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                        • Rice Destoner

                          Rice Destoner

                          This single layer suction type vibrating rice destoner is used for removing stones from grain. It adopts dual vibration motor as the vibration source, so the amplitude of vibration can be adjustable, the structure design is more reasonable; No dust outside, sturdy and...
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                        • Cereal Destoner

                          Cereal Destoner

                          This double layer cereal destoner may be used to continuously remove stones from creal such as yellow rice, maize, bean, bareley, highland bareley, soybean and etc. People can separate them easily and reliably through the difference between grain and heavy impurities (e.g....
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                        • Rice Destoning Machine

                          Rice Destoning Machine

                          This suction vibrating rice destoner use vibrating motor. With stable running, compact construction. steady mechanical performance, small required area. Use double-deck stone-removing construction, with better effect.
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                        • Paddy Husker Machine

                          Paddy Husker Machine

                          This intelligent pneumatic paddy husker machine is completely automatic controlling design. It adopts the latest double frequency conversion energy-saving control technology, low speed roller and high speed roller are driving by two frequency conversion motors and can...
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                        • Double Head Husker Machine

                          Double Head Husker Machine

                          This double head husker machine is completely automatic controlling design. Husker aspiration device adopts conventional vertical suction channels; It adopts vibratory feeding system of high flow and stale feeding ability.
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