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                        The Use Of Grain Cylinder Sieve in The Initial Cleaning Stage
                        May 14, 2021

                        In a flour processing plant, dust is generated along with the entire processing process. Some are the soil mixed in the raw grain, some are the skin and shell of the grain, and some are their own powder particles. If the dust is not controlled and allowed to fly, it will not only pollute the working environment. And it also endangers the health of workers. Therefore, before wheat processing, dust and other light impurities should be removed as much as possible to reduce pollution to the surrounding environment.

                        As the first equipment in the cleaning process of the flour mill, the grain cylindrical sieve can not only remove the large, medium and small impurities in the wheat, but also because it is equipped with a circulating air separator, so it can also remove light impurities such as dust and debris contained in the wheat. As far as possible to ensure the sanitation of the subsequent process environment.

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