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                        The Grain Cleaning Sieve Adopts Adjustable Spiral Angle To Hit The Board And Sweeping Brush
                        May 11, 2021

                        The grain cleaning sieve adopts adjustable spiral angle to hit the board and sweeping brush:

                        The grain cleaning screen has advanced cleaning and impurity removal equipment. It has simple structure, small size, large output, wide application range and good sealing performance. It adopts adjustable spiral angle to hit the board and sweeping brush, which can be suitable for the cleaning of materials with different impurities. The split screen cylinder and double-sided large-opening structure make operation and maintenance easy and quick. It is mainly suitable for food and feed processing, cleaning and removing impurities of auxiliary materials, and breaking up lumpy materials. It is especially suitable for use as a safety screen after the mixer. After the material is fed into the screen cylinder from the feed port, the grain cleaning screen is impacted and conveyed by the rotating plate, so that the agglomerated materials in the material are dispersed, and together with the plate, it makes a circular motion around the inner surface of the cylinder. Under the action of centrifugal force, the materials smaller than the sieve hole are quickly sieved and discharged from the lower part of the machine body. The cleaning brush close to the sieve cylinder can sweep away the materials hanging on the sieve cylinder at any time. Large trash larger than the sieve hole will be discharged in the direction of the large trash outlet under the conveying action of the punching plate.

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