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                        Summary Of Maintenance Methods For The Classification Of Grain Conveyor Elevators
                        May 17, 2021

                        In general, the grain conveying machinery is generally classified according to the three methods of driving mode, use function and vibration quality of the equipment: 1. According to the driving mode, there are electromagnetic, inertial and eccentric link types; 2 .According to the function of use, there are horizontal conveying type and vertical lifting type; 3. According to the vibration quality, there are single-mass, double-mass and multi-mass.

                        Although the classification methods of grain conveyor elevators are different, there is still a set of common maintenance methods in the maintenance of grain machinery and equipment:

                        1. Connect the power and let the hoist run idling for 1-3 minutes until the operation is stable, and then slowly pull out the feeding inserter to cut the material and put it into work. valve

                        2. Check the quality of the grain at any time. If the quality does not meet the requirements, you can adjust the discharge insert or adjust the gap between the rice knife and the grinding core. The method is: if there are too many grains, adjust the discharging insert first to reduce the rice outlet appropriately (if the rice outlet is adjusted to be smaller but still contains more grains. The gap between the rice knife and the grinding core must be adjusted smaller); If there is a lot of broken rice, the rice outlet (or the gap between the rice knife and the heart grinding) should be adjusted larger.

                        3. After the conveyor belt has been used for a period of time, if it is not sharp due to wear, the conveyor belt can be turned around and used. If the rice sieve leaks, it should be replaced with a new one.

                        4. At the end of the conveying, the grain bucket insert should be inserted tightly, so that all the rice in the mortar is milled, and the power is cut off after the machine is discharged.

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