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                        Precautions When Using The Rice Mill
                        May 26, 2021

                        Usually, we can process the rice to get the rice that we can eat now, and the machine that processes the rice is the rice mill, which mainly peels and grinds the rice. When we use the rice mill, we should pay attention to the following matters.

                        1. Before the rice is peeled and whitened, it is necessary to check whether there are no metal objects or stones in the equipment to prevent the equipment from being damaged when it is working.

                        2. After using the rice mill, we should pay attention to whether the inside of the equipment is cleaned. We need to clean the rice mill to maintain its cleanliness.

                        3. When the rice mill is used for a long time, the bonding of the rice bran to the grinding wheel will affect the whiteness of the rice and the efficiency of the rice mill. At this time, the grinding wheel needs to be cleaned, and the chaff powder is removed before continuing to use it.

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