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                        How To Troubleshoot Possible Failures in Grain Cleaning And Stone Removal Equipment
                        May 20, 2021

                        After the grain is processed from the rice, it is necessary to use certain grain processing equipment to remove other impurities in the processed grain. For this reason, there are grain cleaning and stone removal equipment specially made to remove impurities in the grain.

                        Among all cleaning and stone removal equipment, one of the more special equipment is a compound fish scale hole sieve stone removal machine, which has the characteristics of compact structure, stable operation, large output, good stone removal effect, simple, convenient and fast maintenance. , Is the most popular stone remover used by domestic rice milling enterprises, and it is very popular among users.

                        However, there are still some shortcomings in the structure of this type of stone removal machine. The soft suction connection connecting the cover and the suction device is easy to deform and break, which causes air leakage in the suction duct and unstable air volume and pressure in the machine, which directly affects the stone removal. The effect must be replaced in time. With this structure, the soft connection has a short service life, which greatly increases maintenance costs and labor intensity of workers, and reduces production efficiency.

                        To avoid the above-mentioned drawbacks, what must be done is to conduct regular troubleshooting inspections of the equipment, including testing the key parts of the grain de-stoning equipment, checking the status of the grain de-stoning equipment, and when the grain de-stoning equipment is down. Perform subjective state detection.

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