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                        How To Solve The Problem Of The Scraper Chain Of The Grain Conveyor Hoist
                        May 21, 2021

                        Grain conveyors are widely used in building materials, wood-based panels, coal, electric power, petroleum, chemical, textile, mining, metallurgy, fertilizer, grain and oil, environmental protection and other production industries. Grain conveyor (buried scraper conveyor) is a continuous conveying equipment that is enclosed in a rectangular cross-section forehead shell and conveys powder, small granules and small blocks with the help of a moving scraper chain. Because when conveying materials, the scraper chain is all buried in the material, so it is called buried scraper conveyor.


                        Since the scraper chain is completely buried in the material during the conveying operation, in addition to the equipment friction caused by the machine itself during the operation of the machine, the chain must also be subjected to the material from the material during operation. Scratch, it is easy to damage the chain, so you need to pay attention to the state of the chain when using it. In case of unfavorable conditions, the following operations can be performed:

                        1. Lubricating oil should be added to each lubrication point before the grain conveyor is started

                        2. The material of the middle hanging leg is wear-resistant oil nylon, and there is no need to add oil for lubrication during operation to avoid material pollution

                        3. Jog to observe whether the direction of rotation is correct, and determine whether the spiral body rubs the edges

                        4. It is strictly forbidden to reach out into the conveyor and throw hard objects into the conveyor during use to prevent harm and injury to the conveyor and people

                        5. Do not remove the conveyor cover casually

                        6. Regularly remove the debris entangled on the spiral blade; regularly add lubricating oil to the hanging shoe.

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