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                        How To Improve Grain Conveyor And Hoist To Reduce Grain Waste
                        May 23, 2021

                        In the process of grain processing, the grain elevator is responsible for lifting personnel, lifting materials, transporting materials, lifting equipment, tools and other tasks. It is an important transportation device that connects the grain ground and the grain transportation, and is an important transportation in the grain transportation process. One of the equipment.

                        At present, most of the general-purpose drive sprockets produced in my country are grooved wheels, which are driven by friction belts. In particular, the drive sprocket and tension sprocket of the original HL-type grain conveyor hoist are all integrated. Once the sprocket is worn out, the entire sprocket is scrapped, which will not only take a long time for maintenance, high cost, but also cause a lot of waste.

                        In response to this situation, we can improve the mechanical equipment from the following aspects:

                        (1) The head wheel of the hoist is changed to a refined rubber coating. The surface has a certain slope, which is fireproof and wear-resistant. It can effectively place the belt slip and adjust the belt deviation.

                        (2) Assembled observation windows and explosion-proof openings can effectively prevent dust explosions and are safe and reliable (if necessary, a self-contained two-tube small pulse dust removal and pressure relief can be additionally provided).

                        (3) Equipped with reversing device or auxiliary transmission device, which can effectively prevent material blockage caused by shutdown and facilitate installation and maintenance.

                        (4) The barrel adopts a special hemming combination process, which has high strength and good airtightness.

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