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                        How To Deal With The Phenomenon Of Belt Slippage Of Grain Conveyor Hoist
                        May 18, 2021

                        A well elevating conveyor (Elevator) is a large-scale mechanical equipment that changes the potential energy for transportation, such as mine hoists, dam hoists, etc. Broadly speaking, elevators, cranes, hoists, stable cars, cranes, hoists, etc. can all be called hoists. Hoist generally refers to large-scale mechanical equipment with larger power and strong lifting capacity.

                        In the grain processing industry, there are grain elevators. This kind of grain machinery and equipment often has the phenomenon of belt slippage of the machinery and equipment during the use process, so when we encounter this situation, how should we deal with it?

                        Remedy for belt slippage:

                        First: the slippage of the spiral tensioning or hydraulic tensioning belt conveyor. When the spiral tensioning or hydraulic tensioning belt conveyor is slipping, the tensioning stroke can be adjusted to increase the tensioning force; however, sometimes the tensioning stroke is not enough. The belt has undergone sexual deformation. At this time, the belt can be cut off and vulcanized again.

                        Second: The use of nylon belt or EP requires a longer tensioning stroke. When the stroke is not enough, you can re-vulcanize or increase the tensioning stroke to solve the problem.

                        Third: The belt slippage of the belt conveyor with heavy hammer tensioning device can be solved by adding a counterweight when the belt is slipped using a belt conveyor with a heavy hammer tensioning device, until the belt does not slip. But it should not be added too much, so as to avoid unnecessary excessive tension on the belt and reduce the service life of the belt.


                        In order to reduce the occurrence of the above-mentioned mechanical equipment belt slipping during the subsequent mechanical operation, after the grain lifting equipment is used, it is necessary to perform maintenance work after the shutdown, namely:

                        1. If the temperature of the bearing housing is found to be high, lubricating oil (such as butter) should be added.

                        2. Perform a complete and detailed inspection of the body.

                        3. It is strictly forbidden for children and adults who are not familiar with the use and maintenance of the rice mill to play with the rice mill to avoid unnecessary losses.

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