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                        How To Avoid The Operation Of Adding Lubricating Oil To The Grain Conveyor Hoist
                        May 22, 2021

                        When using traditional grain conveying and lifting equipment to perform operations, an indispensable step is to add lubricating oil. However, one operation cannot be performed at any time. The following five conditions and attention should be paid.

                        1. The material of the middle hanging leg is wear-resistant oil nylon, and there is no need to add oil for lubrication during operation to avoid material pollution.

                        2. Jog to observe whether the direction of rotation is correct, and determine whether the spiral body rubs the edges.

                        3. It is strictly forbidden to reach out into the conveyor and throw hard objects into the conveyor during use to prevent harm and injury to the conveyor and people.

                        4. Do not remove the conveyor cover arbitrarily.

                        5. Regularly remove the debris entangled on the spiral blade; regularly add lubricating oil to the hanging shoe.

                        In order to solve or reduce the operation of adding lubricating oil to grain conveying and lifting equipment, my country has introduced advanced foreign equipment and researched and developed products based on the standards of grain conveyors, and launched a series of grain conveying without refilling. Lifting equipment. This equipment has a wide range of applications, good environmental adaptability, one-time oil injection, no need to re-inject oil during its life, contact waterproof seal, and a service life of more than 30,000 hours.

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