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                        Features Of Grain Conveyor
                        May 13, 2021

                        The grain conveyor is a kind of mobile steering belt conveyor, mainly used for the bulk loading operation of the flat warehouse. The grain conveyor is mainly composed of a conveying part, a turning part and a walking part. It is mainly suitable for the warehousing operations of large and medium-sized grain warehouses. Next, I will introduce its features in detail:

                        1. The direction is easy to change, and the conveying direction can be flexibly changed, up to 180 degrees at the maximum;

                        2. Conveyor, each unit is composed of 8 rollers, each unit can be used independently, or multiple units can be connected for use, which is easy to install;

                        3. The conveyor is flexible, and the ratio of the longest to shortest state of a unit can reach 3 times;

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