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                        Analysis Of Common Sense Of Maintenance Of Grain Conveyor
                        May 09, 2021

                        Grain conveyors have always had a good sales market and prospects in the conveying industry, among which belt conveyors are the most popular. Why is this? Because the belt conveyor is simple in shape, easy to operate, and relatively easy to maintain, it has always been favored by people. Of course, its low cost is another important reason for its popularity. Grain conveyor maintenance

                        Speaking of the maintenance of grain conveyors, I believe you will definitely say, who will not? Those of us who use this conveyor will maintain the conveyor. But can you be sure that your conveyor maintenance process is the most professional, without any defects or improper operation? It is estimated that you would not dare to pack a ticket. In this case, it means that you are not the most knowledgeable about the maintenance of grain conveyors. Let's listen to what the professional staff say.

                        Because belt conveyors are used the most in grain conveyors, today we will focus on several maintenance keys of belt conveyors.

                        The first is the maintenance of the conveyor belt of the belt conveyor, which may be dismissed by many people many times, but the development of good belt maintenance habits can prolong the service life of the conveyor a lot, and it can also reduce the waste caused by long-term replacement of the conveyor belt. The most critical point of the maintenance of the conveyor belt is to clean the conveyor after using the conveyor every day. This is to prevent the corrosive materials remaining on the conveyor belt from corroding the belt.

                        There is also the maintenance of the conveyor's motor that we don't often pay attention to. This cannot be underestimated. The motor is the most important power component in the entire link of the conveyor. In the process of using the click, you must pay attention to the moisture-proof treatment of the motor. Do not let the motor enter the water. This should also be noted after using the conveyor.

                        Then there is the maintenance of the conveyor roller, which is very simple to lubricate the conveyor roller in time after using the conveyor for a period of time. This is also very easy to overlook.

                        The maintenance of these grain conveyors seems to be simple, but it is true that we are really easy to overlook the points. I hope everyone can pay attention to them.

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