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                        About The Use Of Rice Mills
                        May 24, 2021

                        As the saying goes, people are iron rice or steel, and they panic when they don't eat a meal. This shows how important eating is to us, it can not only supplement the body's energy needs. It also allows us to maintain a good working condition at work.

                        Rice is one of the many staple foods around us. So as to how the rice is processed, there must be some people who are not clear about it. Let me briefly introduce the rice mill for everyone!

                        1. When using the rice mill, keep the interior clean and tidy and free of debris, especially metal objects, to avoid unnecessary damage to the machine.

                        2. After the rice is whitened, the front turning block should be taken out, and the residue should be cleaned up. This will maintain accuracy.

                        3. The whiteness of milling is related to the quantity of brown rice. The low whiteness of brown rice means that the quantity is smaller and the time is shorter. High whiteness is just the opposite.

                        4. After using the rice mill for a period of time, the grinding wheel should be disassembled, the bran powder should be cleaned, and then reused to maintain the high efficiency of the rice mill.

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