What are the advantages of grain conveyor hoist in transportation efficiency
                        May 13, 2021

                        In order to transport grain efficiently, the ancients designed a set of transportation organization, including important strategies such as setting up warehouses along the river and segmented transportation. During the Gaozong period of the Tang Dynasty, the transportation of grain to Chang'an from various places required the Huai River to enter the Yellow River through the Bianshui River, and finally arrived in Chang'an. However, the Yellow River is dangerous and difficult to navigate, especially in the Sanmenxia area, where the ship often overturns and sinks. After that, the implementation of the transportation system was promoted. In addition to the effective organization of transportation on the transportation route, the ancient government was also good at mobilizing private forces to join transportation, and formulating corresponding institutional measures to promote transportation. The systems of each dynasty changed intensively, and the experience of previous generations was often further improved.

                        Up to now, the grain conveyor has replaced the previous loading and unloading workers, increasing the speed of transporting grain and saving time in terms of time.

                        To use a more realistic example in life: We all know that some grain shops are specifically used to purchase grain, so they hope that they can collect more grain, but if the conveying efficiency of the conveyor is very low, it will Delay their speed of harvesting food. So in the same time, if you could transport two bags of grain, it is because the speed of manpower is relatively slow, you can only purchase one bag of grain, so if the speed is half slow, then the quantity of grain purchased will be less. It's half, so the staff of the grain store naturally hope to increase the speed of delivering grain, so that a certain amount of grain can be purchased faster, and it can be delivered to the place where it is needed faster.

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