Problems Existing in the Application of Rice Mills in Rural and Mountainous Areas
                        May 21, 2021

                        The inability to adjust the operation correctly and the inability to maintain and repair are the most common problems in the application of rice mills in rural and mountainous areas.

                        1. Can't adjust the operation correctly

                        In the current cultural development of our country, the basic cultural level of most working people in rural areas is relatively low, especially in some remote mountainous areas. This directly leads to the lack of learning and use of rice milling machines. The corresponding learning can be done well, which leads to its not being able to be used well. We all know that in the work of small rice mills, only reasonable and orderly operations can ensure their quality. Then, it is difficult to perform corresponding operations without understanding the specific procedures, because the current small-scale rice mills are mainly used by our farmers. So I think this situation is a relatively important issue for the development of small-scale rice mills in rural my country. We need to pay attention to it. We need to understand the various functions of the small rice mills accordingly, and master the adjustment of the internal structure accordingly. Only in this way can agricultural work be carried out effectively.


                        2. Not well maintained and repaired

                        As with the above question, when we use the rice mill, we need to repair and protect it accordingly. So that it can be used for a long time. However, for the remote rural or mountainous areas of our country, there may be few talents for the functional maintenance of small rice mills. This will directly lead to the fact that if the small rice mill breaks down while it is working, it will directly affect the overall work process. Moreover, there are currently no good roads and transportation facilities in some rural areas and mountainous areas in our country. With this kind of small rice mill, even if it is broken, there is no way to repair it in time. This is the crux of the problem.

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