Necessary steps for rice polishing and grinding
                        May 27, 2021

                        Beige color selection: This color is used to remove particles of different colors (different colors of rice and heterochromatic impurities) in rice grains. When producing polished rice and exporting rice, ensuring product quality is an important process. In the color selection process of the large-scale factory design, considering the secondary flow rate (particles of different colors), a small and medium-sized complete set of rice milling equipment is individually selected to handle the secondary flow rate.


                        Preparation: The rice formula refers to mixing two or more rice products in a certain ratio as a rice product. Through different nutrition and different rice flavors, the physical and chemical properties of different rice can be complemented each other, thereby enhancing the nutrition of the rice and improving the taste of the rice. For example, black, purple, red rice and white rice to improve the nutritional preparation of white rice; high-quality indica rice, rice and ordinary indica rice improve the taste of ordinary indica rice. The preparation of rice is not simply to break the rice into the whole rice.

                        If the quality of polished rice, 1 kg of nutritious rice, 1.5 kg of paper bags, ordinary ultra-small packaging cartons, you can save packaging costs and promote product sales. The ultra-small package is convenient for people to shop in the supermarket, and it is also conducive to keeping the rice fresh.

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