How to clean the cylinder cleaning screen
                        May 17, 2021

                        Cylinder cleaning screen is an ideal equipment for grain cleaning and impurity removal during grain purchase and storage. It is also an equipment for grain processing and cleaning in the grain and oil processing industry. Different screens can be replaced to clean up different grains. It can work in the open air under local climate and environmental conditions. , Under load conditions, it can continuously, stably and reliably remove impurities in grain, suitable for wineries, starch plants, feed processing plants, wheat, corn, etc.

                        The YTO cleaning screen uses the size and weight of grain particles and foreign particles. Through the continuous rotation of the screen cylinder, the grain particles rotate with the screen cylinder under the action of the friction force on the inner wall of the screen cylinder. After turning to a certain height, under the action of gravity Sliding down the screen surface, it also includes backward movement in the process of rotating and sliding with the screen cylinder. The materials are continuously sorted and separated in the screen cylinder, and the large impurities, fine impurities and net grains flow out of the screen body from the corresponding position. Related reading: SCQY Cylinder Cleaning Screen


                        In summary, it can be summarized with the following 3 points:

                        1. Using the difference in particle size, screening can remove large and small impurities in the raw materials, but screening can not remove side by side impurities. Such as the initial cleaning.

                        2. Using the difference of suspension speed or density, air separation can be used to remove light impurities in the raw materials, such as a suction separator.

                        3. Use the difference in magnetism to remove magnetic metal objects, such as magnetic separators.

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