Combination of rice stone remover and rice mill
                        May 26, 2021

                        The rice stone remover is an essential equipment in the rice mill, sometimes combined with the rice mill, used to clean the rice paddy, stones and stones outside of the rice to ensure the cleanness and simplicity of the rice raw materials.

                        When the gravity grain peeler is working, the material from the hopper continues to enter the middle of the stone screen surface. Due to the vibration of the screen surface and the air flow through the material layer, the porosity between the particles is increased, and the material is maintained in a fluidized state, thereby promoting automatic classification. The heavy stone sinks into the bottom surface to contact the screen, and the proportion of the small floating ball reaches the top. With the functions of gravity, inertial force and continuous feed, it runs toward the net grain outlet; while the large area of rock is affected by the inertial force of the screen surface vibration system and the air flow, and runs up to the talc on the screen surface, and passes through the aggregate stone. The selected area of this area is blown back to the front of the screen along an arc-shaped path, blowing a small amount of grain in the stone back to the stone area, so as to prevent the grain from blowing out of the machine. According to the type of flow, the stone blowing machine is divided into two suction and blowing, from the feed device to the stone screen surface, part of the gas flow system and the driving mechanism.

                        The rice de-graining machine can be separated from the rice suction machine and the wind rice milling machine. It can also provide the rice de-graining machine for the rice mill. It has low power consumption, large capacity, compact structure, convenient operation and convenient use, which is a help to save labor. Good farm partner with time.

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