Brown rice whitening process
                        May 12, 2021

                        With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the requirements for the texture and integrity of the rice taste are getting higher and higher, so the requirements for the machine in the production process are also increasing. In order to improve the freshness of rice, the concept of health of fresh rice is also put forward. The rice milling equipment is essential in the process of fresh rice grinding. It plays a role in whitening brown rice. Here is an introduction to the grinding process. Rice machine brown rice whitening process

                        Brown rice whitening is to use a rice mill to remove the skin of rice to remove the seed coat, aleurone layer and other food fibers and minerals on the surface of the brown rice, so that the rice becomes white, bright and clean. The rice that comes out in this way is the freshest rice, no matter when it is washed or in the process of watching it, it is the freshest rice.

                        However, in the manufacturing process of rice milling machines, there are many parts, like other mechanical machines, they are all composed of multiple parts. Since the development of the domestic steel industry is relatively stable, there is no shortage of steel materials in the production process of the rice mill, and it can be supplied in time. If the product is used for a long time, It will affect the whiteness of the rice. It can be adjusted to a grinding wheel, and the steel wire inside is used to brush the chaff, so that the rice produced is the best one, and the rice produced has a good effect. The equipment is also a kind of professionalism. The main products are: combined rice milling machine, fresh rice machine, rice polishing machine and so on.

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