Bearing maintenance measures of grain conveyor hoist
                        May 14, 2021

                        Bearings are the core components of the moving parts of the equipment, and the maintenance of the bearings is the top priority of the maintenance of the hoist and other equipment. Compared with other parts, the bearing is relatively fragile and needs to strengthen its maintenance. The following are the maintenance measures formulated for the bearing characteristics of the grain conveyor hoist.

                        The structure and working principle of the hoist bearing ensure its low coefficient of motion friction, low friction force, good mechanical efficiency, low power consumption during the operation of mechanical equipment, and good starting performance . The bearings of the grain conveyor hoist have good accuracy and speed, which can meet the operation requirements of a variety of mechanical equipment. In operation, the friction and wear are low, so the service life is long.

                        Although there is no need to consider this issue where maintenance-free bearings (that is, sealed bearings pre-filled with grease) are used, for bearings in grain elevators, due to long-term use, bearings that fail prematurely are still 36% is caused by incorrect or insufficient technical parameters of the lubricant used to meet the requirements of the application. The inevitable result is that a bearing that lacks proper lubrication will fail well before the expected service life. Since the bearing is usually an inaccessible part of the machine, neglecting lubrication often leads to various problems.

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