Advantages and characteristics of rice milling machine grain puffing process
                        May 22, 2021

                        Nowadays, when processing grains, rice milling equipment has always been common, and such a big role is inseparable from its rigorous work flow. For rice milling equipment, its biggest advantage is its grain puffing process. What are the advantages and characteristics of this process?

                        ① During the processing of the rice mill, the puffed grains are sterilized by high temperature, and the moisture content of the puffed grain powder is reduced to less than 10%. Therefore, the moisture content is low, which limits the reproduction of insects and molds, improves storage stability, and is suitable for long-term storage. Should be used as reading rations to improve food quality.

                        ② In the processing of the rice mill, the grains have become cooked after being puffed by the rice mill. They can be boiled directly, or made from compressed food, or slightly processed into various foods, which can be consumed conveniently and save time.

                        ③ In the process of rice milling machine, after the grain is deep-processed and expanded, the structure of the grain is rough and damaged, and the types of coarse grains are no longer seen, and the taste of coarse grains cannot be eaten. The taste is soft, the taste improves, and it is delicious.

                        ④ In the process of rice milling, the expansion process makes the nutrient content retention and digestibility of the expanded grain products relatively high, which indicates that the nutritional expansion of grains has no effect, and the digestibility is even higher than that of expanded grains.

                        From this, it can be seen that the expansion of rice mills is a very good production technology. This production technology has greatly improved the nutritional value and economic value of grains, and the products processed by grain processing equipment have become more abundant.

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