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                        Grain Dryer

                        • Paddy Dryer

                          Paddy Dryer

                          Paddy Dryer Machine is suitable for efficient drying all grains, such as paddy, corn, wheat, rice, soybean, sorghum, rapeseed, cashew, barley and many other agricultural products. Multiple choice fuel type: coal, wood, diesel, gas, biomass such as rice husk, pressed straw...
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                        • Grain Dryer Machine

                          Grain Dryer Machine

                          CLJ Brand grain dryer machine is used to dry RAW PADDY, BOILED PADDY and STEAM PADDY. The conventional drying methods are becoming exorbitant and labour intensive. When the paddy arrives at the mill gate, it contains a high degree of moisture.
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                        • Corn Dryer

                          Corn Dryer

                          The CLJ Group corn dryer is used to dry paddy in order to make it safe for storage. Drying is the process that reduces grain moisture content to a level where it is safe for storage, making it the most critical operation after harvesting a rice crop.
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                        • Paddy Rice Dryer

                          Paddy Rice Dryer

                          CLJ Paddy Rice Dryer is mainly used for drying grain. Drying grain belongs to continuous work. It has higher requirements on the stability and continuous operation of the dryer during use. The material requirements for the material selection and wear parts of the dryer are...
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                        • Paddy Dryer Plant

                          Paddy Dryer Plant

                          Best drying quality, low temperature batch type drying, quality can be assured. Also there is less broken & lower grain crack rate, compared with high temperature continuously drying.
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