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                        Conveyer System

                        • Rice Elevator Machine

                          Rice Elevator Machine

                          SEC low speed rice elevator machine elevators is a newly developed product, digesting and absorbing advanced foreign technique. They are adopting many advanced technique, new artistic and equipment.
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                        • Paddy Elevator

                          Paddy Elevator

                          This Low speed paddy rice elevator adopts decelerating electric machine to carry directly, TDTG series elevator could operate smoothly at a low speed without noise and vibration. It is easy to install the self-unloading sliding discharging.
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                        • Rice Bucket Elevator

                          Rice Bucket Elevator

                          This rice bucket elevator is used to transport granule materials such as grain, powdery and animal feeds vertically. It is a fixed continouous vertical transmission equipment suitable for vertical lifting.
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                        • Belt Conveyor

                          Belt Conveyor

                          CLJ Belt conveyor is suitable for all kinds of streamlined production of bulk and package's transportaion. With good stable performance, safe dependability and easy operation. Transportation capability is strong, low energy consumption, and low cost of usage.
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                        • Rice Belt Conveyor

                          Rice Belt Conveyor

                          CLJ Rice Belt conveyor has two-way discharge. Transportation capacity is strong, transportaion distance, low energy consumption, and low cost of usage, It is convenient to operate procedure control and automation.
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